How to Become a Tabata Instructor

If you are already a fitness instructor, or a uber fitness bod looking for a change of career, you might consider becoming a Tabata Instructor.  So how would you do that?

Tabata is a Trademark
The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are looking at a genuine training provider.  Anyone can purport to offer certified training, but it is worth looking into their credentials before you sign anything.  If you claim to offer Tabata training but your provider was not affiliated with the organisation you can a) be in a lot of trouble and b) shut down and prevented from working until you remove all reference to Tabata, which is pretty devastating, so be sure that doesn’t happen.

If you want to teach a variety of Tabata and understand that you are not training with an affiliated school, that is fine as long as you advertise correctly.  Variations are always going to spring up, so just make sure you know who you are licensed by and advertise properly.

Learn at Home or In The Classroom
As with most things today, flexibility is essential.  People need to be able to train at a time, and in a way, that suits them.  A quick internet search will reveal companies offering on-site and distance learning.  Again, you will need to decide what suits you, however, remember that learning without an instructor present can lead to subtle issues that are never corrected.

You should expect to put in a degree of time and effort learning your new skill.  In order to teach something, you need to know the subject better than the most competent students – or risk the red face that goes with not knowing the answer to what should be an easy question.

Get Your Own Fitness High
Most people practice Tabata once or twice a week, however as a teacher you may well need to do more to make a living.  Tabata is physically demanding, so you will need to work on your fitness levels before you get into a class.  It won’t reflect well if the teacher is flaked out in a corner mid class.  Now, of course, there clever tricks and tips you can use, which mean you do not have to do every class in full.

Walking around the room is an excellent way to monitor how each student is doing and means you are not working so hard.  You will need to be bang on with timings, so make sure you are using a good timer or, even better, a larger timer on the wall that everyone can see.

Certificate Central
Not only will you need to get a certificate that confirms you have reached a standard for teaching you will need to consider an insurance certificate.  If you are working as an employee of a fitness centre, you will probably find that they have insurance in place for all teachers.   However, if you are looking to open your studio or teach on a freelance basis, you will need to have public liability and/or indemnity insurance in place in case any issues arise.  You may also want to ensure your registration forms include a health waiver stating the participants do so at their risk, after consulting their doctors.